Vegan Spain and avocado benefits

                          It’s holiday time!!

I’m away for 10 days to give my body a rest, soak up some sun and feed my body with the nutrients it needs.

Flying vegan can be difficult, there are never vegan options on the plane and the price of food in the airports is extortionate! I always take food with me so that all I need to buy is water to keep me hydrated. My mum gave me some butternut squash which was left over from the christening on the weekend. I made 2 lots of soup, which I frozen for when I come back to the UK, and a breakfast puree (big mistake as it was considered a liquid).


For this I added in boiled butternut squash pieces with some liquid, you can use either water or milk. I guessed the amount I needed. I added in some cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and maple syrup then topped with frozen berries, coconut and matcha powder.

This was thrown in the bin as soon as I got to security 😥 so I had to buy breakfast. I got this from 3 different places, and spent around £10. The avocado on toast was nearly £4 for 1/2 an avocado and one slice of sourdough bread!!! I also treated myself to an acai bowl with shredded apple, cinnamon, and granola, and a medium soy burnt caramel latte from Starbucks, as I hadn’t slept and wouldn’t be sleeping for over 40 hours haha :’)

We eat at the flat nearly every day, which made things a lot easier, but when we did eat out, at a Chinese, I had spicy tofu with plain rice and veg.

My breakfast every day is oats and/or peanut butter and jam on toast. I wish we had a blender so I could have made smoothies and nice cream to detox my body a little. I can’t wait to get home just so I can make these…or even some cheeky pancakes (naughty).

My oats consist of soya milk and water, cooked bananas, berries, a little jam, some peanut butter and prunes.

Lunch times consist of salads. The fruit and veg in Spain is so much sweeter (and cheaper) than in the UK. In fact most of the food in Spain is better than in the UK!! Haha :’)

The salads include mixed leaves, rocket, chickpeas or lentils, cucumber, avocado, cous cous, pomegranate, grilled asparagus and vegan feta from Sainsburys. I grate avocado seed on top of the salad as it reaps benefits (see below). I also have a mini baguette with hummus, sweet chilli sauce and Tesco’s blue cheese, NOM. After the salad we have a ‘dessert’ which is whatever fruit we have that day. The one below is mango, strawberries, kiwi, dragonfruit, watermelon and nectarines.

So…back to avocado. Oh what a beautiful fruit (yes, it is a fruit, not a vegetable!), it has so many uses and is often referred to as a superfood. Next time you have an avocado, don’t throw the seed and skin away!! Take a look at this wonderful fruits benefits. Ooooooo ahhhhhhh.

Avocado meat

  • High in healthy fats – these can help you absorb nutrients from plant foods, which is why they’re great to eat with salads!
  • Loaded with fiber
  • Can lower cholesterol
  • Loaded with powerful antioxidants that can protect the eyes
  • May help prevent cancer
  • May help relieve symptoms of arthritis
  • Could help you lose weight
  • Rejuvenates your skin and hair, which is why it’s used in so many of our beauty products
  • Contains more potassium than bananas – high potassium intake is linked to reducing blood pressure

Avocado stone

  • May lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure, improving heart health and bloody circulation
  • Reduce inflammatory conditions and ease joint pain, reduce swelling and stiffness
  • diabetes and boost your immunity
  • Contains more fiber per ounce than almost any other vegetable, this can banish cravings and keep your full and satisfied. The seed can also help control your blood sugar levels.
  • Could destroy cancer cells and reduce tumor growth
  • The seeds antioxidants can rebuild collagen, repair cell damage and improve the look and feel of your skin.

As I’ve mentioned above, I grated the seed into my salad, it has a bitter taste to it so next time I’ll add it to a smoothie!

Avocado skin, seed and meat for beauty

  • The fatty acids in an avocado are great for skin and hair.
  • It helps reduce wrinkles (WOOHOO!!), making your skin more supple and plump. Rub the skin on your face, leave the avocado on until dry, then rinse off. Your face will feel so soft and hydrated.
  • The seed can be used as a scrubbing agent – break up the seed, leave to dry for a few days, mix with oil and rub onto your skin as an exfoliater.
  • Can be used to treat dry hair and a dry and itchy scalp.
  • Frizzy hair treatment – put onto your hair 15 mins before shampooing with oil.
  • Makes your hair more shiny.
  • Reduces bad breath – drink avocado juice, this will cleanse your mouth, intestine and help to remove the microbes causing bad breath.
  • Works as a natural sunscreen and soothes the skin from damage caused by the sun.
  • Moisturizes your skin and reduces inflammation.
Now you get to laugh at me with a green face!!
Let me know what you do with your avocados!

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