Vegan Liverpool and Manchester

Me and Dan went back to my home, home last weekend for my nieces christening.

We spent Saturday in Liverpool, as it’s somewhere Dan wanted to go for a while, looking around the city and museums. I found a pikachu bucket hat, yes I look cute, there were lots of vegan chalking, we saw a chubby, sleepy cat and Dan made friends with some mannequins.

We went to one of my favourite places in Liverpool, Bold Street, which is the cool vintage area of Liverpool. It kind of reminds me of Brighton. Here we went and had lunch at a cafe called Love Thy Neighbour. This is my favourite cafe of all time, so far. They have vegan options on the menu, the decor is something out of WGSN/Pintrest, and they LOVE avocados as much as us!! The staff were very attentive and lovely, the food was delicious and it wasn’t too pricey. I want my kitchen to look like this place!

I had a beetroot latte, mainly got it because the colour looks amazing haha, but it actually tasted really nice too! With it, I had an acai bowl made with banana, almond milk, and avocado, topped with mixed berries, granola, and shredded coconut. I think the smoothie part could have been sweeter, but I have a sweet tooth. Dan had a peanut butter hot chocolate to drink and sweet potato, falafel and hummus pancakes with avodcado (of  course) yellow tomatoes and spinach, topped with harissa. His was actually nicer, and obviously I got jealous!

For dinner we went back to Manchester to try out Vrev, a fast food joint (vegan of course!). It was super busy, due to it being Saturday night, so we had to wait around 20 mins for a table, which I wasn’t too fussed about. They had all gender toilets which I thought was really cool!!

So I learned from my mistake of not ordering the same thing as Dan, as he always chooses the best meals out the two of us. We both ended up ordering the Barbecute Without the ‘E’ which is a beefy patty, with vegan cheese, pulled jackfruit, chipotle cola bbq sauce, coleslaw, onion rings. I also ordered some vegan mac and cheese on the side as I’ve always wanted to try it. The chips ended up being cold by the time to food arrived, but the burger and mac and cheese made up for this. They were soooo good, if I could have fit it in, I would have had double portions!!


On Sunday morning we went for a walk (adventure) down the road my house. One of my favourite places and somewhere I like to be at one with nature. It’s a place very difficult to get to, so there’s not a soul around! Not many people know about it and it’s complete bliss. I wish there were places down south like this, that I knew about.

The afternoon we spent in Church and with my family. My mum and sister put on a buffet, which I forgot to take a picture of! I contributed with vegan brownies and peanut butter ice cream (I also forgot to take pictures of these!) I did however manage to get one of the cake my sister made for her daughter. She’s such a talented lady! 🙂


I took a few more pictures at the christening and got a nice one with my beautiful niece, and Goddaughter) I miss my boys already!!


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