Vegan Brighton – The Earth and Stars Pub

The Earth and Stars is an environmentally friendly pub based in Brighton. You’ll find it close to the station, near The Laines. The pub is powered by a solar panel roof and boasts serving, but not solely, organic beer, cider, spirits and wine.

Me and Dan went for a meal as it was somewhere we’ve been meaning to go, and it was our anniversary. We were saved a table near the cute fire place, the pub was busy for a Thursday night! They have an upstairs, which I didn’t manage to check out, for functions and for when it fills up.

We were greeted on arrival by a friendly barman who showed us the table and asked us for drinks. I went for a Vegan cider, but unfortunately it had sold out so I had a Rioja instead (not complaining!). Dan had an Amstel, which is vegan apparently!

Once seated we looked through the menu which had a large amount of vegan meals. Their food is made using fresh ingredients from local and organic suppliers and they do promote plant based eating. We both chose to have the ‘Spicy Seitan Schnitzel Burger’ which came with chips and a salad, but there ended up only being one left. I ended up having the ‘Pan Roasted Celeriac Steak with King Oyster Mushroom and Smoked Chestnuts, Garlic Kale, Shallots, Poached Pear and a Chia Seed Cracker.

As the pub has won the ‘Best Sunday Lunch’ and came third for the ‘Best Pub Lunch’ award, I was expecting great things. When the food arrived I was wowed by the presentation. It was presented beautifully and looked delicious, however I was worried about the lack of food on my plate, especially for the price.

We tucked in, and of course I tried some of Dan’s burger as it was my original choice. The result of the burger was that we’ve both had better, for a better price. I found that it was a little dry and lacking in flavour.

I had mixed feelings on my dish. The flavours were nice, but I felt they were also a little bland, missing that UMPF. The orange part, not sure what this was, was the best part. The poached pears seems a little pointless as I felt they didn’t add anything to the dish. The portion unfortunately didn’t fill me up, although I’m not sure if that’s because I had my eye on the dessert so unconsciously left room that that!

There were two vegan desserts up for grabs, a ‘Hazlenut Pannacotta’ or a ‘Chocolate Brownie with Salted Caramel and Hazlenut Ice Cream,’ I obviously chose the chocolate brownie (chocoholic here!). Bad luck again, they had run out of salted caramel sauce….instead replaced this with raspberries, which I didn’t mind as chocolate and raspberries are once of my favourite combinations.


The presentation, again, was great. It looked and smelled tasty! It also tasted really nice and had a soft spongy flavour, but because there was no sauce on top the brownie ended up also being a little dry after a while and stuck to my mouth. I think the sauce was definitely needed.

I seemed to have had the worst luck with this pub, everything I wanted was sold out 😦 But the manager/owner (couldn’t work out which he was) gave me 10% off my meal due to this which certainly redeemed them. I don’t think that I would come back for a meal during the week, but I definitely want to try their Sunday Roast, see if it’s as good as everyone keeps saying! The overall feel for the place is great. The staff are super friendly, I love their ethics; they’re environmentally friendly and try to get more people to eat plant based, and the atmosphere is fab. It’s a pub worth a visit!


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