Vegan London & Brighton

With it being Dan’s birthday this weekend, we decided to go to London to try out some Vegan places.

Luckily we went when the 1st Hackney Downs Vegan Market organized by the Fat Gay Vegan. It was a little difficult to find, and quite far from Dalston Junction, but was worth a visit! The stalls there were:

  • Young Vegans – pie and mash, with a sweet offering of gluten free brownies
  • Peanut Butter Bakery – decadent freshly cooked donuts
  • Big V London – gourmet burgers and sweet potato fries famous south of the river
  • Vegan Delice – cupcakes, tray bakes and biscuit maker with a loyal and loving following
  • Crawl Arts – up-cycled clothing with environmental illustrations
  • Rupert’s Street – healthy, seasonal food that has been locally sourced
  • Temple of Seitan – champions of vegan London are debuting a dirty cheeseburger!
  • Club Mexicana – BBQ pulled jackfruit tacos and burritos, loaded cheesy nachos and beer-battered cheese fries
  • Café SoVegan – seitan burgers with all the trimmings, mac and cheese and cheesecakes
  • GreenBay Supermarket – chocolate bars, whipped cream, marshmallows and assorted vegan snacks/groceries


We ended up getting burgers form Big V London and my god, they were not a disappointment. They were even worth the 30 min queue! These burgers were huge!

We chose the Classic Facon Cheeseburger which, from what I remember, consisted of a vegan burger served in a seeded vegan brioche bun with, raw onion, vegan cheese, facon, tangy vegan mayo sauce and green leaves. I ate it as slowly as I could to savor the taste…but it just wasn’t slow enough (Dan wolfed his down). I was left wanting more!


I really wanted, and was REALLY excited about getting a white chocolate and raspberry donut from the Peanut Butter Bakery but unfortunately I was too late 😦 (we got there 2 hours after opening time and they had already sold out!) Instead I got a shortbread jam heart, which I used to love before being vegan so I was not disappointed in this, from Vegan Delice. I didn’t get a picture of it because i ate it too quickly…but it was real good!

I would definitely recommend going to the market, which is held on a monthly basis, if you get the chance. There are some great food stalls, even a gin bar, and places to grab a beer. It’s a great way to support independent businesses and fellow vegans.

Dan was disappointed in Temple of Seitan’s menu at Hackney Downs, so we trawled through Dalston and Hackney to go to their shop, Temple of Hackney instead. It took what seemed like forever, but hey, we were working off those burgers we just ate!!

Temple of Seitan is the worlds first Vegan fried chicken shop, cleverly placed next to a butchers which was dead (excuse the pun) compared to this FAKE MEAT fast food shop.


As we’d already eaten we thought that it’d be best for our bodies, as we don’t eat junk food often, if we just shared some popcorn ‘chicken.’ They also serve fried ‘chicken’ subs, fries, fried ‘chicken breast,’ and mac n cheese. They probably do more options but I was pretty tired from the walk so wasn’t paying too much attention. Sorry!

The popcorn ‘chicken’ came in a tub with some really cool paper underneath. It looked, smelled and almost tasted like the real deal. I’m not a lover of the taste of meat or fried food, I find it too heavy, so personally I wouldn’t come back again. But for those who are, it’s worth a visit! There wasn’t a big area of seating to cater for busy days today but there are some steps in front of the shop where people were sitting.

As we had eaten such an array of unhealthy food during the day we decided to have a fruit bowl for dinner. I may have added chocolate on top of mine..

We just went to Aldi and picked some of our favourite fruits; mango, melon, banana, apple, tangerine, berries and kiwi, and shoved it all in to a bowl. As I’ve mentioned I added chocolate on top of mine, but it’s dark chocolate so technically its healthy right?? I also added some maple syrup for a bit of extra sweetness, some peanut butter and a cashew and date bar.

The left over fruit was used for this mornings breakfast, a smoothie bowl.


How delicious does this look??

How were your weekends? What delicious food did you eat??


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