How I stay vegan and healthy when traveling..

As I’ve spent the past 2 days traveling I thought that I would do a post about eating healthy and staying vegan whilst traveling.


As I fast until 12pm I have to make my breakfast to take with me. I will usually make my smoothie the night before so that the oats and chia seeds have had time to soak, but I got lazy last night, so I made it this morning. I put this in a glass jar with a solid lid to make sure there are no spills! Today I added spirulina, as well well as my normal wheatgrass, berries, almond milk and banana, to my smoothie. This was topped off with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Spirulina Benefits – High in protein (up to 10x more than meat!!), contains the essential fatty acids you need, high in chlorophyll, has a good source of iron and calcium (who needs milk and meat now??), also high in betacarotenoids which help your immune system and to clear your skin. It helps to curb cravings which prevents overeating, and helps lower the risk of a stroke AND cancer!

For lunch today I had some left roasted tomato and red pepper soup (I also added a yellow one in this time) that I made for dinner last night. I used a soup container which I got from Poundland. For snacks I had a banana, an orange, an apple and some grapes 🙂

I always carry water with me to make sure that I’m hydrated and giving my body what it needs. I have a special bottle which has charcoal in it; this removes the impurities, such as chlorine, out of the water but also add minerals to it as well. This is a technique used by the Japanese since the 17th Century.


My bottle and charcoal both come from Black+Blum. How I wish that I’d invested in the bigger bottle instead! I go through water too quickly!


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